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9850 S. Maryland Pkwy., Ste A5-159
Las Vegas, NV 89183 USA

Terra Exports is committed to distributing the freshest fruits and vegetables while providing strategic market intelligence to its valuable customers at any time of the day. We have a fast-paced, entrepreneurial, young and innovative company culture that is reinventing international fruit trade.

The key to our success in this business is the close and personal multi-cultural approach we maintain with our customers and our constant search for new frontiers. Our company has a global presence, from shipping our products to over 27 countries and across all 7 continents.

We are consistently expanding and introducing new items into different markets. We pride ourselves in being the first company in the world to bring Kenya avocados into Hong Kong, Canadian cherries into Mauritius, and Pakistani mandarins into Vietnam. These are only a few of our many ground-breaking accomplishments!

About Me

Taco van der Louw

Ik ben Taco van der Louw een pionier en ondernemer in hart en nieren, en wil graag mensen helpen, dat is mijn blueprint. Door persoonlijk te verbinden met mensen bereik je het meeste voor alle partijen.

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SanLucar Fruit S.L.

SanLucar, the premium brand for fruit and vegetables, is a globally positioned enterprise with subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, Spain, Tunisia, South Africa, Ecuador and Benelux. In 1993, the company was founded by Stephan Rötzer in Munich and employs approximately 2,800 people today, the majority of them on the company's own farms on three continents. With a range of about 90 fruit and vegetable products from more than 35 countries, SanLucar is the brand with the broadest product range in the retail trade. In line with the philosophy "Taste in harmony with man and nature", SanLucar is a responsible player on the global fruit and vegetable market and is currently expanding into the Arab Gulf States, Russia, and Canada.

Global Green Team

Global Green Team is een wereldwijd opererend handelsbedrijf in een zeer breed assortiment groenten en fruit. Onze missie is het jaarrond leveren van de beste producten, afkomstig uit de beste teeltgebieden en tegen de beste prijs. Door direct te sourcen en een compleet assortiment te bieden onderscheiden wij ons in de markt. Met onze kennis en ervaring met de internationale vershandel spelen wij in op specifieke behoeften van onze klanten over de hele wereld.


Compleet assortiment AGF. Rainbow International levert een compleet assortiment glasgroenten, vollegrond groenten, fruit, kruiden en cressen in diverse maten, gewichten en (private label) verpakkingen.

Terra Exports

This fast-paced, entrepreneurial and innovative multi-national import/export/trading company is expanding rapidly. The business has 8 divisions worldwide that handle fruits and vegetables across 60+ countries and has been featured twice in the INC 5000’s annual list of fastest growing companies!

Harvest House

Harvest House is dé vruchtgroentespecialist van Europa. De telers van Harvest House hebben samen meer dan 1000 hectare glas in het Westland, Oostland, de Wieringermeer en Zeeland. Maar ook buiten Nederland, zoals in Tunesië en Portugal.

Verdi Import

Beloftes nakomen, en werken met respect naar elkaar, klanten en leveranciers dat kenmerkt Verdi Import.

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